I've been tracking my food intake on cron-o-meter, and am surprised to see how much protein is in my diet. The macronutrient breakdown for the past week is carbs 19%, fat 48%, protein 33%. Protein intake averages 120-150g per day. My measuring of food is not very precise, though. I'm sure the meats I eat are fattier than what I'm recording due to limitations in the food choices database. But anyway, the numbers are still much higher than the recommended upper limit of 80g. (this is already from consciously trying to lower protein intake, replacing with starches). Carbohydrates come out to around 80-100g per day usually.

I weigh around 105-110 lbs, around 23% body fat, nursing a toddler. I consume around 2000-2300 calories a day.

Should I reduce protein intake?