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Thread: Dr. Greger's YouTube Series page 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by curiouscavegirl View Post
    Go to You Tube and search "Ancestral Health" and "Weston A. Price", scroll down the Forums list here and see Mark's list.

    Hilarious! He's really funny. So Vegan and Primal both have reputable studies suppoting their side. So what do they have in common:

    1. They both say that Organic, clean Fruit, Greens, and roots are good - So they are.

    2. Vegan says Grains are good - but they have no source of non-hybredized and non-GMO grains.
    Primal says Meat and Wild Fish are good - but good meat is very expensive so not many eat it.
    Conclusion: Since they're both iffy - Never eat them both in the same diet.

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    Great info, thanks everyone!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jfreaksho View Post
    I just watched a couple minutes of it. There's a lot of other research out there such as "The Great Cholesterol Con" which I haven't read but see recommended around here.

    The one thing at the beginning that caught my attention was something about how many people with normal cholesterol levels have heart attacks. He uses this as evidence that the "normal" level is too high. The other way to look at it is that cholesterol levels aren't linked to heart attacks quite as closely as previous research would indicate.

    If you want to research this, do it because you want to become educated, but don't do it to "win" arguments. You'll typically do far better to deflect the arguments instead of fighting them. Something like, "I can't argue with that, but I don't want B12 shots or supplements to maintain health." or even, "I'm glad it works for you. Thank you for your concern." Don't engage with this, unless you are already educated enough to know how to stand your ground and don't mind angering these friends or becoming angry, because someone will soon be offended.
    Wise advice

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