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Thread: The next time someone says "We are the only animals to...."

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    The next time someone says "We are the only animals to...."

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    .....drink another animal's milk", in defense of a vegan type of lifestyle, I will say: "We are also the only animals to drink soy milk!!"

    Just a funny thing to ponder, isn't it? (when people are debating and such)

    I've gone through many perspectives, however, no matter what new things I learn, the very BEST medicine for us really is laughter!

    Have a nice day, and please discuss anything regarding the ever-recurring 'milk debate'. I am truly interested.

    P.s. Sorry if this topic is old and boring, but I'm a newbie here.
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    It's such a weird argument. We're the only animal that does a lot of things.
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    Laughter is good. I laugh a lot. Especially at myself.

    We are not apes, we are not monkeys, we are not dogs/wolves, we are not cats, we are not birds, we are not fish, lizards, reptiles, or amphibians. Hell, we aren't even the mythical Grok. We have self awareness which may or may not separate us from some species left here on earth.

    No one needs to defend the way they eat. If you know a Vegan you care about, ask if they're getting enough B12 and move on. We are more aligned with vegans, raw food eaters, fruitarians, etc., than we are with SAD and CW eaters. Though our raison d'etre might be robust health, and theirs might be a squishy bambi complex, we are all moving away from listening to the powers that be.

    And I agree with you. Soy beans, almonds, and rice do not have teats. And yet some of us drink their milk.
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    Milk, milk, lemonade, around the corner fudge is made....

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    Well, my parrots love cheese so we are not the only animals to consume another animal's milk. Birds aren't even supposed to consume milk at all but every bird I've ever had has been a cheese fiend.
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    There are species of ants that capture other ants and make them slaves, and milk them.

    Just saying.

    And I'll be playing Dominion with some vegan friends this weekend.
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    I don't think there are any mammals that eat much soy intentionally, either. Or grains, for that matter.

    We are, however, not the only animals to eat other animals, or honey, or a bunch of other things.

    The more I type, the less any part of this argument seems relevant.

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    When you understand the Vegan lifestyle, it's not hard to see why they're so nuts.

    They eat a certain way because of feelings they have about nature and animals. Fine. But, they had a horrible time selling this line of thinking to the masses, so they paid a bunch of Vegan talking heads a lot of money to rebrand Veganism as "eating for health," thinking that would sell better.

    Now the eating for health part is being rejected so they're teetering between the two, hopelessly lost because they've yet to figure out that Veganism isn't the natural state of a human being. Their product doesn't align with 99.9% of potential customers who have a heartbeat, so it's doomed to failure.

    Consequently, it turns out that Veganism is potentially more harmful to animals than Paleo is.

    I happen to be one of the people who just hopes they'll go away and stop wasting our time.
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    My cat drink cow milk also, so it follows that he must be a human then, just as I thought...

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    Well considering countries like Asia which consume the least milk having the lowest osteoporosis cases while the USA drinks the most and has a ton of cases ehhhhhhhh

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