Have been primal/atkins since September which is, what, 7 months now. Down from 170 lbs to 150-155. five ft 7 inches tall. (tall?) HDL's went from 50 to 77 in that time; cardiologist was amazed. I'm a Pathologist (MD PhD) with my PhD in microbiology and know a lot of biochemistry. Wife was reminiscing about how I used to buy the Low Fat mantra hook, line, and sinker but have turned around with, well, DATA!

Now starting IF with DW (Dear Wife). Saw the Horizon special on IF on line and then got the Fast Diet book. Have done two IF days, last Friday and yesterday (monday.)

Hope to infect her with more primal eating but she LOVES to bake! I think it may have caused some hurt feelings that I don't eat the Banana Blueberry Bread any more (which I love) but normalizing my metabolism and staying around to play with and help raise the grandsons to be good cavebabies is more important to me.

Any Primal Bakers out there with some ideas so she can be creative with fewer wheat grains?

Exercise. Have always liked it: biking, karate, some weights, want to get back into some running, maybe someday even do a marathon. Playing with BF running, starting slow. also doing single lifts to muscle failure 1x-2x/week of Mark's Primals: pushups, up to 35 now; pullups, can do 3 complete and then step on to a chair to get up to 10-12 reps. Squats, have been doing dumbbells but up to 45# per arm and that's all I have, will be looking for a barbell setup. Regular plank, 60-90 seconds depending.

Will see if this journal thing helps!