Hey, hey, don't know if you're still looking for primal-friendly baked goods recipes. I used to love to bake too. I still do it from time to time but obviously do it a lot less now. When I do bake, I think of making primal versions of baked goods as an interesting challenge. A great place for recipes is PaleOMG – Paleo Recipes. There's some good stuff here too: Treats & Cheats - The Food Lovers Kitchen

Yeah, it's always nice to see other geeks here. Once upon a time, I was a grad student in chemistry, but I dropped out with a master's. (Couldn't get my experiment to work, didn't really get along with my PI, and finally just couldn't deal with it anymore.) After that, I considered going to med school, but I would have had to do a post-bac because I haven't done all of the pre-med classes. Ended up going to law school instead. Biggest. Mistake. Ever. Should have done the post-bac thing and gone to med school. I hate being a lawyer, and I hate the law. It's a bunch of BS. Anyway, I kind of still want to go to med school, but I figure that it's too late now. I'm 31 and don't really want to spend another 10 years in med school and residency, while racking up more and more student loans. If I went to med school though, I'd like to eventually specialize in neurology, I think. I was into neuroscience before I got sucked into chemistry.