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Thread: Why? Psychologically

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    Why? Psychologically

    So, I'm reading "Travels" by Michael Crichton. He started out to be an M.D. and found out he hated it. He strongly objected to treating people as a bag of bio-chemical reactions and then treating the enzymes. During his rotation in psychology he began asking patients "Why are you here?" (This started in a ward of heat attack patients, typically men in their 40's and early 50's.) And he got answers that really interested him.

    They didn't say "because I had a heart attach, you dummy", or "because I had artheroscherosis". Instead they answered "because my wife wanted a divorce" or "because I can't find a job". He believed doctors should treat the patient as a human being, a whole, entire human being.

    So "Why am I here?". (Because I was so sick I thought I was dying.) But in response to the psychological question of a humans life, you get a different answer.

    I'd been studying economics for 5 years and had become depressed about our country. I now thoroughly understood in great detail that 'we the people' were being royally screwed, and had been for the last 100 years. Today it was only getting worse. Before this study I had always completely trusted our democratically elected gov't and believed they had our best interests at heart. What a fool I was. Then, for 1.5 years, I just got sicker and sicker. My last doctor's appointment was an eye opener. He went over all my number and nothing was bad enough, except my cholestrol (take Statins) that he could do anything about it. (No operations indicated.) I said, "do you mean that I should take responsibility for my self?" He smiled and said, "yes". And he looked relieved and happy.

    I was stupified. I had absolutely no training in human sciences of any kind. How could I do anything. Hunting all over the internet I found PB and solved all my the problems.

    So, why am I here. Because I needed to get out of a depressive funk, take responsibility, and get on with my life. Even if my country was against me, I could stand on my own, and find that there are really good people (on this forum) who will help and support me in doing it.

    Why are you here?
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