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Thread: What do you brush your teeth with?

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    Just a word of warning on Xylitol. It is extremely poisonous to dogs.

    Xylitol: Common Sugar Substitute Xylitol Can Be Deadly for Pets
    I have two very small dogs and will not have it in the house, except for Earthpaste. Looking for something that doesn't have it now.
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    I do oil pulling followed by dry brushing then salt-water rinsing in the Am. In the PM, I usually do either a dry brush and salt water rinse or i use my vicco ayurvedic toothpaste from india. it also comes in tooth powder, but the quantities are tiny and it's silly to buy them. The paste is much less expensive, interestingly enough.

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    toothpaste. colgate total usually...

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    Quote Originally Posted by s-piper View Post
    A toothbrush?

    In all seriousness, Arm&Hammer. American made and makes my teeth feel cleaner than Crest or Colgate.
    If I weren't so lazy I might try out a homemade recipe with baking soda.
    You got to be pretty effin' lazy to not put a tiny bit of baking soda on a toothbrush and brush.

    I use Bicarb-soda, and occassionally sarakan - natty s** know.

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    In the mornings I use coconut oil with a little bit of peppermint essential oil. In the evenings I crack a capsule of activated charcoal over my teeth, swish it around, hold it in my mouth for 2-10 min then spit it out, brush my teeth while there is still a residue in my mouth and rinse. Follow up with a quick rinse of hydrogen peroxide.

    The activated charcoal binds to tannins removing the helping to remove stains from your teeth.

    I found baking soda too harsh, so the activated charcoal is a nice alternative. Messy as hell though, so you have to be careful.
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    I brush my teeth with hydrogen peroxide and occasionally with turmeric.

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    Baking soda if I'm feeling hyper-vigilant that day and won't be breathing in too many peoples' faces... Other days I brush with Desert Essence toothpaste, only because that's what I have right now. When it runs out I'm not buying it again... Idk what to buy, though. I read online that you can turn baking soda more toothpaste-y by mixing it with coconut oil and you can add whatever flavors you want, cinnamon, mint... so I'll probably do that.

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    Vicco paste and Weleda salt toothpaste, alternating depending on my mood.

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