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Thread: What do you brush your teeth with?

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    Oil pulling w/coconut oil in the AM followed by a warm salt water rinse. Brush with a flouride free paste (Natural Dentist, currently) and at night I use Christopher's Herbal Tooth & Gum Powder. Since starting this schedule, two persistent tender spots around a wisdom tooth have gone away.

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    Good God Joanie! MY EYES!

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    Quote Originally Posted by InSearchOfAbs View Post
    Good God Joanie! MY EYES!
    LMAO! It wasn't easy for me either and many tears were shed. And then people started telling me what a pretty smile I had - I had never heard that before. I do refrain from making it too public in real life, but I'm always tempted to say, "It should be - I paid enough for it."

    ETA: the most odd thing: my dad had false teeth in his late 20s because he got hit by a car. History repeats itself.
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    Quote Originally Posted by eKatherine View Post
    I used to have canker sores a lot. Giving up gluten banished them permanently. Lots of people who give up gluten say so. If you don't eat gluten, you may be experiencing a low level of cross-contamination.
    No, there's definitely something in that toothpaste that makes me break out. I am usually fine whether I eat gluten or not.

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    Earthpaste for me. Love it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lorichka6 View Post
    Baking soda. Just switched about 2 weeks ago. Discoloration that had only been removable after a cleaning at the dentist is totally gone. I was shocked. The salty taste sucks. But I'm too lazy to make some sort of mix.
    I kinda like the salty taste now that I don't eat any sugar. And it really does work well.

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    I brush with SLS free toothpaste. I was trying out Tom of Maine's for a while, but it is very expensive in the UK. So I'm trying a salt based toothpaste which cleans great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eKatherine View Post
    I moisten baking soda into a paste with hydrogen peroxide and use that.
    Me too. it makes your teeth feel as clean as if you just left the dentist.

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    I've been using Xyliwhite toothpaste for years now, I get in on iherb for $3.81 / 6.4oz (normal sized) tube (free shipping for orders $20+). Now Foods, Solutions, Xyli I order a box of stuff from them at least monthly now, and always get a tube or two of this. There is also a cinnamon version and another version with baking soda, but I don't like the taste of those as much as this standard minty flavored one. Also, my non-Paleo SO does not complain about using this toothpaste, but did about all the other "natural" ones I tried. The Xylitol in this really does inhibit the growth of bacteria; compared to other toothpastes, I noticed I wake up with significantly less plaque growth from overnight. Other brands are also usually more expensive and taste weird or have weird textures.

    Functional Ingredients: Xylitol (25%), papain (whitening)
    Ingredients: Water, xylitol (25%), hydrated silica, glycerin, sorbitol, sodium bicarbonate, sodium carbonate, sodium coco-sulfate, carrageenan (chondrus crispus), tea tree (melaleuca alternifolia) leaf oil, peppermint (mentha piperita) oil, spearmint (mentha viridis) oil, papain (proteinase enzyme from papaya that degrades protein deposits), potassium sorbate.
    SLS-Free, Gluten Free, Paraben-Free

    For a mouthwash I make a simple saturated solution of baking soda in water, and keep it in a water bottle under the bathroom sink. (to make a saturated solution, just add enough baking soda that not all of it dissolves; I like to shake it up and feel the bit of abrasiveness of the undissolved particles may help remove stuff too). Typically I swish with that when I first get up; the baking soda is alkaline and neutralizes the acid from overnight growth of bacteria. Then I usually have my morning coffee, and brush my teeth and go off to work after that. My only other recommendation is to use fresh baking soda, as baking soda from fridge deodorizing will have absorbed a lot of undesirable flavors from the fridge and it tastes really fishy and much more unpleasant than new baking soda...

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