Hi all,
I have a 3yr old who I really need to get off wheat for his eczema. He doesn't eat a ton of grains, in general, which is good. He generally leans more towards a primal diet. BUT, he loves crackers and pasta. And, so far, he hasn't like substitutes I have offered. He is allergic to nuts so my alternative flour options are limited to Gerbs Seeds made into flours and coconut flour. He is also allergic to eggs.

Also, for those of you who supplement with FCLO, how in god's green earth do you get that into a kid. I gag on it myself. I had to put it in capsules for myself. He is too little to swallow it. I have cinnamon tingle.

trying to clear up his skin. I know it goes back to some things in his diet.

Any ideas??
or great recipes that do not include nut flours?