Ok, gardening is extremely Neolithic (or late Mesolithic) HOWEVER it's good for you.

For those of us in the Northern 'sphere, spring's coming and it is time to think gardening.

I have recently moved into a town home that has a few places of dirt (the largest one which doesn't ever seem to get direct sunlight, unfortunately). I am planning to try chard in the non-direct area, to see how that goes down. My primary garden will actually be in container form. I am planting basil in these buckets, and perhaps trying potatoes. Basil's for pesto. Many of the local farmers seem to do well with Basil, and the farmers markets always have a bunch but more is better because pesto.

Also, I have a tree that was by someone planted (unwisely) in a raised bed. Depending how how badly that tree shades the area (I have only been there during the winter) I am thinking some rosemary (because it gets big and takes over, making a bare bed less unattractive). Not sure about the side bed, which has some hacked-up bushes and some scraggly rose bushes, but gets afternoon sun right on.

I live in a questionable part of a sketchy zip code, and I am trying to improve on what I have. What are you guys planning?