So I read Mark's post about good inflammation and how it's different from chronic (bad) inflammation. Basically, the temporary (two or three day) inflammation that accompanies workouts are good because this helps the muscles recover and be better next time.

However, does this mean that anti-inflammatory foods (which comprise a significant portion of the Primal Blueprint's recommendations) would be a bad idea after working out?

As late I am trying to improve my physical strength via push ups (it seems to be having an effect in composition, as people have commented, but I swear I'm not doing BETTER), and I currently bike 4.5 miles to work every day (I try to give it my all, hoping to get better). Even before trying to shoot for Primal I started looking into anti-inflammatory foods (it has helped with the side effects of my handicap), and I'm now starting to wonder if a salad for lunch may inadvertently be holding back progress.

I also drink a lot of tea, which it claimed to be anti-inflammatory.