Hello forum,

I eat a fairly strict low carb/paleo diet these days. Intake of sugar, starch and alcohol are very close to zero. Plenty of meat, nuts, dairy, non-starchy vegetables.

It worked well for a while - weight dropped, blood sugar numbers good (previous T2 diabetes diagnosis), cholesterol unchanged (not that I think cholesterol is a particularly interesting or useful thing to monitor!).

I still feel ok and my blood sugar is still spot on, but I'm not losing any weight any more - it has plateaued. I still probably have about 40 or 50 pounds I'd like to get rid of - it's not a HUGE amount (male, very tall, broad build) but is still very frustrating. I'm playing tennis 2 or 3 times a week too, which I really enjoy, but no impact on weight (then again, have read quite plausible explanations of how exercise makes very little difference to weight loss).

I do drink quite a lot of diet fizzy drinks though. Obviously there's no sugar in there but some still say that these can cause an insulin response (although opinion seems to be divided). Should I try to stop drinking this stuff?

What else could I change? What could I do better?

Should I try harder to increase the fat content of my (with butter, lard, olive oil, coconuts, etc.)?

Grateful for any advice/suggestions.