Good morning folks. I woke up this morning feeling a little groggy and tired due to my inconsistent sleep patterns (sick kids and the brain wouldn't shut off). Over the past few weeks I have been working hard at getting back into shape and getting the proper balance of food, workouts and sleep with moderate success and some failures.

I work in a very sedentary job (great paying but extremely stressful) where I talk on the phone all day and try to find great people to work in my hospitals. It may not seem stressful but managing 2 hospitals that are on opposite ends of the spectrum in processes gets old. I like my job, not love but like. I drive about 750 miles per week and after a little over a year I am growing tired of spending that much time in a car. I only mention this b/c well its starting to affect other aspects of my life. I don't see my kids or wife nearly enough, I take breaks from my nutritional plan and eat garbage b/c I am surrounded by it, I get lazy from sitting too long and moody from dealing with some not so smart people.

I already have a Primal Blueprint journal started but its time to start a new chapter, a fresh start. Last night as I lay thinking in bed about my life, my goals and everythig in between I started to realize that things were way out of balance and I need to make some serious changes. As for my diet, hate that word, I have completely cut out sodas, 90-95% processed foods, decided to prepare all of my own food - no more breakfast runs at 5 AM on the way to work, and no more candy. I have a gigantic sweet tooth but the more I read and more importantly what I see at the hospital has pushed me to make wholesale changes to better myself and those around me.

I have always been athletic. I started playing organized sports at 4 along with pick-up games in any sport available (basketball, football, soccer, etc). I love competition and the concept of a team. My parents put me in sports yearround to use up the enormous amount of energy I had (still have). I was the guy who played football, basketball, ran indoor track, played baseball (2 years) and ran outdoor track. I couldn't get enough until I screwed the pooch and my shoulder basically gave out. I over-extended myself with football (QB 7 on 7 drills in the spring) and baseball (pitcher/3rd base) and after only a year of college football I had shoulder surgery to fix a posterior dislocation along with my shredded rotator cuff and nerve damage. It never hurt that bad but when my arm went numb I knew I had to take a break for a day and then back to normal.

It took me 4 years to get over this surgery and then I finally joined the Army and spent 9 years travelling to the biggest shit holes on the planet. While I loved the traveling part I began to hate the beaurocracy. I longed for the good ole days of either combat or training. I loved the challenges it presented when its you and your team going after a target, storming a building or working together to accoplish the mission at hand. I miss those days but all the other crap you can keep. Blah, blah, blah.

Fast forward to today. I am a 33 yr old father of two with a slightly bad back, ridiculous work schedule and enough energy to power a small city. If I don't get up and do something my back tightens up, I get stressed and anxious. I fall into a bad pattern of not moving enough, getting distracted and making excuses. One would think that after realizing this I would get up, knock out some push-ups or squats to alleviate this but again bad patterns form and they can be hard to break.

I started to reread the Primal BluePrint along with other sites like, and youtube videos of Hannibal the King. The motivaiton is back and I feel like I am getting my house in order again. I have set up a 90 day challenge with certain benchmarks that I must hit. It is broken down into 30 day intervals b/c anyone can do anything for 30 days. The goal is to continuously build momentum and create the habits needed to move onto my next challenge of being able to muscle-ups and 1 arm push-ups. The ultimate goal would be to open a Family Practice/bodyweight gym that not only focuses on your physical health but also incorporates proper nutrition, classes on stress reduction and living a good life. First I have to start with myself and then I can focus on others.