Hello. This is my first post so I thought I'd jump right in.

I am going to start incorporating lifting weights into my fitness routine. I am a beginner and 39 years old. I've been on the diet portion of the PB for about 3 months. After some setbacks and lackadaisical effort I am now on track. I've dropped from 216 to 203. My goal is a fit lean body. I originally thought I mainly needed just fat loss to look good but I'm not happy with my level of muscle either. So I am going to begin concentrating on the physical side of things now that I've got the eating side under control.

I have a fairly thick bone structure but honestly, I'm not sure if that's the right target weight for me. I was thinking about 175 when I began but now I'm not sure.

In my research I've found basically two good programs for beginners. Starting Strength and Strong Lifts. Anyone on here with any experience using these methods. I also have had 3 hernias in my life so I am concerned with that as well, I certainly don't want to injure myself.

Any recommendations on anything at all to do with the PB fitness methods or any advice on the two methods above would be appreciated.