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    Drinking Water

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    What's the thinking these days on drinking water? I drink quite a bit of it, and its usually tap water filtered through one of those brita type pitchers, with the occasional sparkling spring water thrown in when I have it. I know the city where I live is supposed to have very good drinking water, but I wonder if filtered tap is a good source, or if there is a better and relatively inexpensive alternative.

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    I don't know. I use a Brita filter, because it makes my water taste good, so I don't avoid drinking it.

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    Brita doesn't filter out things like fluoride, pesticides, chemical, lead, etc, though: It just makes it taste better. A lot of grocery stores have a reverse osmosis machine where you can fill up water jugs for around 40/gallon. Someday I'd like to get a decent home filtration system, but for now, I'll just lug my 5 gal. jug to the store:-)

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    I only get filtered water, tap water is complete garbage these days with all the fluoride, chlorine, leftover pharm drugs, and so on... Even when Im out Ill choose a bottled water over that stuff...

    As far as how much goes, I take Paul Cheks Recommendation of at-least half your weight in pounds a day. I think CLEAN water is great and has healing properties, so I drink a lot of it.

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    A home reverse osmosis setup is certainly convenient, but I have yet to find one inexpensive enough (including filter replacements) cheaper than refilling plastic jugs at the grocery store. You have to go to the store at least weekly anyway.

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