Just wanted to say hi and to apologise in advance for any crimes I might perpetrate against grammar

I'm a 31 year old woman and I've been fully commited to primal leaving for the last 3 months (although I've been researching about it for at least a couple of years). At first I thought it wouldn't work, but then I remembered something... as a kid I never liked bread, cereal, pasta or rice much... I would only eat toast or biscuits after drenching them in butter (never like margarine either... ewww). But not eating bread was considered a sacrilege of sorts in my family (and culture, in Spain you always eat with a piece of bread by your side) and I was told to have some bread with my meat, vegetables or whatever I was eating. I grew used to it and started considering it so "normal" that the thought of avoiding grains didn't make sense to me at all. I guess that 4 year old me was right!! I've been feeling better than ever!

I don't have a goal of losing a certain amount of pounds, I'm not overweight, but I want to gain strenght and health. I suffered from eating disorders for 13 years of my life and, although I was technically cured (not considered a patient anymore) I never got rid of that unhealthy obsession with food, until now. I'm able to go through the day without feeling guilty for having food, and that's a great achievement.

Hope I manage to make some sense, sorry for the long post and hi to everyone; for what I've been reading, this seems like a nice supporting community