There's one thing I wonder about when people say "Paleolithic people were mostly plant eaters with only very small amounts of meat"; have these people ever done the math? It just doesn't seem mathematically possible. What am I missing?

Have any of you ever eaten all the green/red vegetables you are able in a day and logged exactly how many grams of carbs you are getting? I have, and never made it much past 100g without cheating and incorporating a sweet potato or fruit. I suppose on a bet I could maybe hit 150g, but frankly at that point one's jaw gives out. It's truly exhausting.

And after consuming those 150g of carbs from lettuce, cucumber, broccoli, carrots and celery you only get 600 calories (minus all that energy you spent eating and digesting them!). It's enough to sustain yourself, until the next kill. But to thrive on vegi alone you would need to eat way more.

Some anthropologists say paleo man may have eaten 3000+ calories. Yet there are people who keep saying it was plant based? You would have to eat 750g of vegetable based carbs in order to sustain yourself!!! Have any of you ever actually achieved that? I would like to know.

My question is simple; do these numbers make sense? Is it even humanly possible?