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Thread: low GFR

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lizzielou View Post
    No, NO NO! Dad groks, don't listen to this! 131/79 is truly a perfect BP for someone your age. Medically speaking there are more admissions to hospital caused by low BP than high BP, but besides this your BP is well within the normal ranges for someone your age. I seriously wonder about the paranoia of some people on this forum! Over testing and over use of Dr Google for self diagnosis is just simply bad for your health.
    Soooo frustrating. However, the desire for low BP comes from my GP and all the other specialists I see. They love my 116 and say it's perfect. I disagree and think my more typical 124 is OK, but I'm not ready to dump my ACE inhibitor yet. I understand that doctors find Googlers frustrating, especially now since PubMed is online, doctors can no longer keep patients in a state of ignorance.

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    Had blood work discussion w GP last week GFR was 73..shes not worrried a bit. Suspects early morning dehydration and possible post workout spike!

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    Phew! 73 is fine. I think mine is in the high 80's and I'm quite a bit younger than you (GFR naturally declines with age), so 73 is no problem.

    Creatanine, and Urea levels are just so changeable in the blood that really repeat testing is the only reliable way to get a good view of kidney function.

    Panic over.
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