Hi everyone,

I have been following MDA for about a year now and I have been easing my way into being primal for a while. For the last 3 months, I have been trying hard to avoid SAD foods, but I kept slipping and having a handful of cookies or something every couple days. I have finally been able to stick with it for just over a week now and I barely feel carb cravings anymore! I have been feeling great, having a lot of energy, no problems with asthma or exzema anymore and am very glad that I could finally do it!

I have been having one problem though, even though I have been trying to get enough fat, twice in the last week, I have had moments where I ate more in one sitting than I have ever eaten before and still felt hungry. Earlier today, just a few hours after I had eaten a large breakfast, I started eating, and eating, and eating, and couldn't satisfy myself. After I was finally full, I had eaten 3 strip steaks (about 3oz each) a fried onion, a package of fried mushrooms, a handful of almonds, an apple, about a dozen olives, 2 hard boiled eggs, and a chicken and spinach salad. That is more than I typically eat in a day; in one sitting. Has this type of ravenous hunger happened to anyone else? Does anyone know how to avoid it?

Thanks to anyone who is able to help me with this!