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Thread: Alternate Day Fasting-Support and Chat

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    Alternate Day Fasting-Support and Chat

    This thread is for SUPPORT while trying Alternate Day Fasting (sometimes known as JUDDD- Johnson's Up Day Down Day). Information is easily googled under JUDDD, and Dr. Johnson has a book titled, 'The Alternate Day Diet' which covers all the basics of the method and the science.

    If you wish to debate ADF, or talk about the science, please look for the companion thread: Alternate Day Fasting-Debate and Science.

    I am doing a primal low-carb version.

    As a DIET the method works mainly through calorie restriction. On an Up Day you eat normally. On a Down Day you fast or eat up to 25% of your normal calories. The net result of this is reducing your calories over a two day period by 37.5-50%.

    Additionally, when you fast or eat minimally every other day, a gene named SIRT1(in humans) is activated. Among other things, its activation reduces hunger.

    EDITED TO ADD: This is NOT a quick weight-loss plan. It is meant to be one that is sustainable over the long-haul, as you can eat freely every other day, but the average weight loss, after the first flush, is supposed to average 1-1.25 pounds per week. If you want to try this, please be aware of that, and don't expect quick weight loss. END EDIT 5/1/13

    On the non-diet side, SIRT1 does a whole lot more than reduce your hunger. Its activation allows your body to do a better job of cell repair, and is strongly implicated in increased longevity and reduction of inflammation.

    I came to this practice after doing a couple of day long fasts to give my digestive system a rest after a dietary insult(not to be mentioned at this time, but you can look at my journal if you must know. ) I googled and found JUDDD, and was very excited by the SIRT1 information. In addition, I find the fasting to be easy. I've since switched to eating a little on the Down Days(on doctor's advice-again, see journal), and after a rather agonizing first time, am now finding eating very little every other day to be not so bad.

    Anyone interested?

    Oh, and here's a link to the other thread:
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