I just started CrossFit and need some advice.

(1) What kind of shoes do you wear to CrossFit. I've been wearing my running shoes, but I don't like them. I have a pair of Vibrams, but I'm afraid of wearing Vibrams for anything high intensity because the last time I wore Vibrams on a regular basis (running) I got plantar fasciitis and had to limp around for 3 weeks. So I'm looking for something minimalist but not as minimalist as Vibrams. Any suggestions? (I mostly want shoes that aren't padded in the heel area so that my feet aren't in a perpetual state of plantarflexion.)

(2) What kind of jump rope should I get? I'm thinking about this one: Amazon.com: Ultra Speed Cable Rope: Sports & Outdoors Does it look like it's adjustable? The description says that it's "unique with its ability to easily change lengths"--does that mean it's adjustable?

(3) Recommendations for hand strength training? I've noticed that we often have to add and remove weights, but I have such non-existent hand strength that I have trouble with the clamps that you use to hold the weights in place. So it takes me forever to add/remove weights (literally, everyone else would be done changing weights, except me because I'd be struggling with the stupid clamps).