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Thread: Coconut milk crisis!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diana Renata View Post
    I'm not a huge fan of Walmart, however... they carry GoldenStar coconut milk, which is PHENOMENAL. It doesn't have any additives at all. I discovered it accidentally, and buy a dozen or so cans at a time to make sure I always have some- lol
    Someone just posted on IPMG on Facebook last night that Walmart is no longer carrying that brand. Not sure if it's true but a few people replied their local Walmarts are no longer stocking it as well.

    Apparently you can buy it online, but shipping is more expensive than the product itself.

    Golden StarŪ - Our Products - Coconut Milk

    At that cost, Native Forest is cheaper off Amazon.

    Native Forest Organic Classic Coconut Milk, 13.5-Ounce Cans (Pack of 12)
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    I can't believe how expensive Aroy-D is on Amazon. What's the deal? And Amazon will not ship Native Forest to me for some reason.

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    I still have a few cans of Native Forest at home. I can't find enough uses for it though, I seem to only use them to make it with fish once in a blue moon. I just got a buttload of turmeric so I should try to do something Indian soon...
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    Happily, my natural foods store still sells Native Forest and coconut cream with no additives at prices right in line with other sources, not more expensive. Check out the health foods stores in your area.
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