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Thread: Do statins create a weight stall?

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    Do statins create a weight stall?

    Hi, I've been following the Primal lifestyle since July. I am on 40mg. of statins due to a heart attack 2 years ago. For one month in the Fall, I stopped taking my statins (my choice) and I lost 20 lbs. My cardiologist had a fit due to high LDL and I'm back on the statins again. I have not lost any weight since. My doctor tentatively agreed to decrease my statins if I lose 30 lbs. (weight- 170 lbs. 5', 64 yr. old female). If the drugs are stalling my weight loss, is there anything I can do? I am taking COQ10 and many other supplements, I started a liver cleanse, but no lost inches or weight yet. My carbs are under 100 per day, and I walk a mile each day. I would appreciate any suggestions for weight loss as this is important for my health. I have managed to control my diabetes Type 2 since adopting the Primal lifestyle. Losing weight will greatly improve my heart health.

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    There is no advantage to women from taking statins, and the risks are real. Perhaps what you need is a doctor who is up on the research.

    HEALTHY DIETS AND SCIENCE: Statins Side Effects

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