So the weirdest thing happened to me yesterday...

I had my usual breaky eggs & bacon,

Went to check out a natural spring for water, had some sips of it.

Made a London fog with organic milk/52% cream, 1 teaspoon vanilla flavor (yes I know its sugar)
Started to make supper...hamburger pork/beef, was getting hungry so I ate 4 slices of ham sausage and some boursin cheese.

Supper consisted of a bbq'd hamburger with cheese (3 thin slices) 1 piece of bacon, fried onions 4 pickle slices and a bit of ketchup and mustard. Had homemade Caesar salad dressing included, and gr beans and brussel sprouts.

Went for a walk for about 45 or so min

Approx 3 hrs later, I ached so bad, I thought I was getting the flu, all my joints ached even the elbows. I felt I was hit by a bus or put thru the wringer. And oh so tired. I went to bed before 8 pm.

Feel fine this morning and up .4 lbs.....WTH was that about?????