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    I thought about purchasing a container of pumpkin butter at Super Supplements. Do you know if this is a good PB butter?
    The cost was around 19 dollars for a 16 oz. container. Ouch!

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    Pumpkin seed butter, I assume? It might be high in PUFAs and Omega 6 and not a good idea to use every single day, but probably all right.

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    Pumpkin seeds have a 7-10 gram omega 3 to 20 gram omega 6 ratio. So one of the few seeds with a significant source of omega 3, but still relatively high in omega 6. Not sure what the make-up of the omega 3 is though, wonder if it's mostly short chain, or if there is any long chain DHA or EPA in there?

    $19 for 16 oz is expensive. You should be able to find even an organic source of pumpkin seed butter for significantly cheaper. If I'm going to spend some money on a good nut butter, I always go for the macadamia nut butter. Low in omega 6, and easily the best tasting of the nuts. It's a win-win. I find pumpkin seed butter pretty low on the "nut taste totem pole".

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    It's not going to be DHA or EPA, it will be ALA which has a downright terrible conversion to HUFAs. I think that ALA blocks the absorption of LA if they're consumed together but you're going to want a 1:1 ratio which is a far cry from what's found in any nut other than macadamia, and I think that in general just limiting linoleic acid in and of itself is the wisest choice.

    I second macadamias. Also nut butters tend to be roasted and roasting PUFAs is bad news.
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    Pumpkin butter is usually made with sugar and pumpkin flesh, like apple butter. Do you mean pumpkin butter or pumpkin seed butter? I must admit I've never seen pumpkin butter sold in gallon jars.

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    Quote Originally Posted by buffalo View Post
    "nut taste totem pole".
    Oh jeezus, if I said *that* around my friends, everyone would piss themselves.
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