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Thread: Quitting booze

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cryptocode View Post
    Continued long-term practice of alcoholism always to death or insanity (or 'living hell'). How about visiting a local hospital that has 'wet-brain' ("living hell") patients. Maybe fear will help you to stop.
    Oh, come on now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by firemart View Post
    Oh, come on now.
    Tis true, unfortunately. Alcoholism is a progressive and fatal disease. A chronic alcoholic will almost certainly die of an alcohol related disease. If lucky, death will occur before wet brain. Do not confuse an alcoholic with an alcohol abuser. An abuser is a heavy drinker who may or may not develop alcohol related medical problems but can stop rather easily when he/she decides to do so. A chronic alcoholic can not stop drinking without substantial help, and, unfortunately, the majority can not stop even with substantial help.

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