Hi, Everyone,

I finally busted through a plateau that was driving me crazy. I was doing primal 100%, no cheats of any kind and getting plenty of exercise and my weight wasn't moving anywhere. So, for Lent, I decided to go the distance with 40 days of pure primal. I had done several 21-day periods, but this was really going to push it to the next level.

My weight didn't move at all......until day 27. Then, suddenly, it just started falling rapidly. In the next 13 days, I lost 6 pounds bringing my total loss to 49 pounds.

Here's the important lesson I learned: wait for the weight loss to start and then figure out a time for a break. Don't set arbitrary days. Before this 40-day period, I had done 14 days....no results....then 21 days....no results. I just needed to wait longer. Instead of setting arbitrary days to take breaks, from now on I will wait until the first pound starts coming off and then, I'll plan my next break.

I've noticed on the forums and blogs that people don't like referring to "cheat days" as this is a lifestyle. But counting days is just as bad. Why do 21-days or 30-days or have a cheat day once a week?

Here's a novel idea. Take a break after you've achieved results. No set dates. No set timelines. Primal works, but if you're just stopping yourself short with a pointless date, it can't do its job.

What do you think?