My husband and I are new to the primal/whole foods lifestyle. We have made major changes in our diet of the last 4 weeks. We said we would start with a month and see how it went. Well, that's tomorrow. He has lost about 10lbs and I have lost about 8, so that part is going smoothly.

I am having trouble letting go of lingering doubts- I mean lets face it, I've been on a high carb/grain "diet" most of my adult life. Which has basically led me to fight my weight up and down, mostly up despite exercise and "low fat, low cholesterol" eating, tracking calories, etc. I have these moments of doubt where I feel like "Oh my goodness, I must eat grains or I'll get some disease!" "Why does my neck hurt? must be the lack of grains!" "I'm tired today, must be my brain is not getting enough glucose!" You get the picture? Any advice?

Also, we both have "high" cholesterol in the 220-235 range, and I am very curious as to what those numbers will look like when I get retested at the end of April.

On top of that, we both have been having a lot of stomach gurgling, its not painful or hunger, but just gurgling sounds- whats up with that?

We are both motivated to lose weight, which is what brought us to this starting point. Also, I have been having IBS symptoms, achiness, etc for quite some time. I suspect, for me at least, there is more going on that just too many carbs. I have had both my gallbladder and appendix removed, at least 1o years ago. I suspect (now) that perhaps those things, as well as my current digestive (and perhaps other) symptoms are linked.

Anyway, I would love any advice you have to give me some reassurance. Basically, everyone thinks we're crazy.