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Thread: How do you all do on dairy?

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    To be honest, I've no idea how my body feels about dairy. I stopped eating it about 3 weeks ago, but I haven't seen any hugely dramatic changes.

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    Fermented dairy doesn't hurt me at all (non-fermented causes digestive distress), but after considering risk of cataracts, and those good old cat experiments, I decided that I will only have raw dairy products. Since in Canada it is basically hard cheese only, I will once in a while get hard cheese. A few days ago I go raw goat cheese on a farm on vacations, and I loved it. But after a few days of eating it I feel like going off dairy again - without the access to yogurt or milk to make kefir and quark, there are simply no dairy products that are all that appealing. I don't like butter, milk, cream and even yogurt not so much. Kefir and quark, yep, I love that... but no source. Hard cheese I love once in a while, but don't like at all most of the time....
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    Since this thread has resurfaced I figured I'll give an update. I've pretty much concluded that dairy in general isn't great for me. Yogurt, heavy cream, and butter are the exceptions but I've found non dairy alternatives for the yogurt and heavy cream that I'm good with so why bother with the dairy and it's potential issues?

    Aroy-d Coconut Cream is the perfect sub for HWC. I make coconut milk yogurt in my yogurt maker with 1/2 Aroy-D Coconut Cream, 1/2 Trader Joe's Light Coconut milk, and a probiotic starter. I use the TJ's brand because it has no additives and helps to cut the heaviness of the coconut cream. It's delicious and I don't miss "real" yogurt at all. It also has a natural sweetness along with the tang that eliminates the need for sweetener.

    I usually eat pretty low carb but lately I've been enjoying some summer fruit and the occasional ice cream or gelato. Sometimes I can get away with ice cream other times it really upsets my stomach reminding why ditching the dairy was a good idea. Yesterday I started my third W30 and I've concluded that it really is the best way to eat for me.

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    I thought I was dairy intolerant till I started consuming organic dairy exclusively. For me the symptoms used to manifest themselves in stuffiness and other respiratory discomfort, and acne breakouts.
    I now regularly consume dairy (mostly milk) symptom free.

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