I finished my first Whole30 a few days ago and last night I started reintroducing dairy. I had 1.5 cups of raw milk and 2T raw cream (OMG good!) but later I noticed some typical lactose intolerance symptoms esp nausea. It could have been from a crazy week, busy day, and poor sleep the night before though. Prior to the whole 30 I've never noticed any issues with dairy although I haven't had plain ol milk in ages.

I started with milk as it's been forever since I've had any and I wanted to see how I'd do. Milk I can take or leave but the raw cream was freakin amazing! I'm going to give the milk a few more tries just to see if I tolerate it well or not then move onto the types I'd include semi-regularly like yogurt and cheese. I think I'll stick to mostly raw from now on if all goes well since luckily here in So Cal it's pretty easy to get and far superior to pasturized, obviously.

I'm curious as to how well others do on dairy, how often you have it, and what kind?