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Thread: New & need help!

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    New & need help!

    I started eating primal/LC back in May of 2012. I included some beans and potatoes as I was breastfeeding and didn't want to dip too low in carbs. I also needed time to adjust to the new way of eating. Giving up sugar was hard and its still a struggle.

    After losing ~15 pounds or so, I essentially weigh the same as I did last October. Anytime I saught advice most people said not to worry about it as I was still nursing. Well, I am no longer nursing but still am not losing weight. Here is where I need help... in 2 ways.

    I am visiting the doctor soon since I haven't had a check up in a long time (and also have a lump on my back that needs to be checked out). But are there any questions I should ask or any blood tests to be done to determine if there could be something affecting my weight loss?

    And, what else could be preventing me from losing weight? (Sleep is most likely a culprit but I need to start losing weight!) I have 25 pounds of pregnancy weight to lose and while I can hide in the winter, I can't in the summer. I need to get back into my clothes!

    I'm 5'4'' and weigh 175. Prepregnancy weight was 150, which is a decent weight for me.
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