My body has been telling me for a long time that this woe is right for me. I used to diet and do chronic cardio and starved myself quite thin. One day, I found myself in a stressed out situation, and decided to have a piece of pie. It led me to eat the entire thing. Ever since then, this has become a pretty regular occurrence for me. I LOVE eating clean and healthy foods, but it seems that I can never go more than 3-4 days without a sugar binge. I am talking large quantities. I have no doubt that this follows the characteristic of a biochemical addiction. I just can't seem to shake this. The weight I have gained and the loss of self control has taken a huge psychological toll on me. I don't even like to go in public because none of my clothes fit anymore. I want sugar and sweets out of my life completely. It is so hard because it is everywhere, and even if I keep it out of the house, the convince store is just around the corner. When it calls my name loud enough, I will answer. I fe

I realize now that the endurance training and carb based "athletic" diet in the past wasn't healthy. But I used to be the "fit chick". I still lift weights and do the light cardio as recommended. I love exercise. I just feel like such a failure because I work so hard in the gym and love every minute of it, but my hard work doesn't show because I can't stop binging on sweets.

I just really need an accountability partner to help me. If I could make it past the initial 1-2 weeks, I think I would be OK. If anyone has any advice on how to de-tox I could really use the help!

Thanks a lot!