My wife and I are new to PB. I just read Marks book, then one by Gary Taubes, "Why We Get Fat and What to do about it". Both are very congruis. In the Taubes book he references an experiment where female rats were spayed, removing estrogen from their system. The results were very fat rats from the lack of estrogen. My wife is in her third year away from breast cancer. (Cat scans show a refreshing lack of cats so far) According to current thought, breast cancer is most likely to occur in people that are 1, overweight, 2 smoke, and 3 take estrogen (Hormone Replacement Therapy). She did all three. One of the treatments is to feed her a prescription that suppresses all estrogen. We are both early '60's.

So the question we have is; is PB going to be effective in weight loss for her given her lack of estrogen?