I was reading "New Rules For Lifting For Women" and noted that both my calorie and protein intake is lower than the guidelines for the program.

I normally eat somewhere between 1200-1400 calories a day with protein around 25% of calories. The formula in the book puts calories for my resting metabolic rate at 1204, and indicates non-workout days should contain 1685 calories and workout days 1926! And my protein consumption would more ideally be at 35%. This is such a HUGE difference that I don't know how I could possibly eat so much, even with supplementing w/a whey protein shake 1X a day.

This morning I had coffee, a 4.6 oz. boneless pork chop, 1 egg & 2 oz of sweet potato in butter. I am so stuffed!!!! This meal gave me 43 g. protein and that is only a fraction of the 147g I apparently should be having. It totaled 482 calories so I'm not on track for the 1685 and I feel so stuffed it seems that it will be a long time b/f I even get hungry again.

So how do you do it?