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    Lightbulb Taking Control

    I want to begin the 30 day challenge.

    I've kept a private food journal on and off since I lost about 10kg when I was 15. That 10-15 kilos has since plagued me (I'm 21 now)... I've been up and down the bloody spectrum, and though I don't think I've ever been in the overweight range, I've definitely felt very fat at times and it has lowered my confidence and has sent me into dark depressions that the memory of is difficult to erase.

    I KNOW how to eat well. I've done my research (tons of it!) and I won't tell you what I know, because it's all laid out here, on this website, a lot better than I'd be able to do it.

    The BIG problem for me is my past depressions and anxiety issues, brought on by majorly stressful situations. During these periods I developed VERY bad habits and a very bad relationship with food. I've been through it all- every "eating disorder" (what a label - i swear it's too commonplace these days to warrant it...) anorexia nervosa, bulimia, binge eating, over exercising etc. etc. (how boring I know.)

    Anywho... I'll stop with my tale of woe there, because in general I'm a really happy, healthy person and I never dwell on this stuff, nor talk about it with anyone (other than with my amazing mum when it used to get bad, but that's what she's there for right?)

    I thought if I posted in this forum it would sort of be a next step up from my food journal. Perhaps if I make this a bit more public I'll get some encouragement It's difficult when I live with two overweight vegetarian housemates (carb - loving) and none of my friends here are on board with the paleo bandwagon. I'm not one to push my ideas on others (though I'm more than happy to encourage and educate).

    Unfortunately although I'm only 21 and normal weight (according to my BMI I'm mid range normal) I think I've done quite a bit of damage with my eating habits in the past, and there might already be a bit of insulin resistance (I get a massive blood sugar serve after eating even an apple and I CRAVE and crave and crave!) This just means to lose weight and maintain it I have to be super strict, which is why I really want to get back on board with the 30 day challenge. Lately I've been doing OK, but I really want to step it up a notch! I'm starting to slip back into old habits on occasion and there's nothing I want LESS than to go down that ugly spiral again.

    My Goals

    - Feel IN CONTROL again
    - Feel fitter
    - Speak out about what I'm doing.
    - TONE
    - Hopefully fit into my size 10 jeans (australian) without a muffin top!

    SO - MONDAY 25th MARCH 2013 = DAY 1 of 30 DAY CHALLENGE

    Breakfast - 2 eggs fried in butter
    Lunch - grilled chicken with half an avocado
    Dinner - 2 lamb chops (fat ON) with 1/2 onion, 1/2 tomato (fried in butter) and steamed broccoli.


    11am - gym. sprints, cross trainer (HIIT) + ARMS (pull ups, push ups, weights etc.).
    Afternoon - walk the dog around the park (~3k)

    - A



    I've very successfully completed day one. I had a bit of a chocolate hangover after consuming a few too many of those little cadbury easter eggs (so addictive and I can't feel virtuous because they were not dark ), but after a heavy session at the gym - back and abs (though my arms feel like jelly too... what's going on there?!) at around 11:30ish (I like this time because there is barely anyone else in the gym) I felt heaps better and have maintained a steady energy throughout the day. My mind has been very clear and I have been really productive with my studies (I'm a uni student).

    Diet- wise I think I was very good. I only needed the one chop for dinner. According to my myfitnesspal ap (my new favourite thing) i consumed 776 calories, netting at around 597 (with my cardio exercise taken into consideration). Now although this is a much lower number than I would normally be aiming at during the day (around 1200), due to my over- consuming yesterday I have had much lower hunger levels today, and I don't like to eat if I'm not hungry.

    I'm not super concerned about calorie counting (i think judging your hunger is a lot more effective), but it is interesting to break it down and see how much energy you're actually consuming. Given, one of my secret agenda's in this is to lose 5-7 kilos in 5 weeks, I think creating that calorie deficit is appropriate.

    In terms of carbs- 19. Atkins would be proud! I hope to aim around this mark for most days of the week during this challenge, although I'll add in one or two days when I lift the carb consumption to around 50. These days I'll determine based on how I am feeling, i.e. when I feel my energy levels are starting to drop, or I'm getting bored with very low carb options. (but who could ever get bored of steak and mushrooms, yumm!)

    I feel fantastic now. Happily fatigued, with achy muscles especially around my lower back area (I think they've just had a massive wake up call!) I'm just about to fall asleep, but I might browse some more gym motivation images on tumblr as they're very amusing and inspiring.

    That's another thing; I love everything about the primal attitude to living, but I can't tear myself away from my love of the gym. I like that everything is just there, to work every muscle in your body without you having to think too much about it. I can switch off. I like the smell, i love to sweat, and i love the odd sort of comraderie you have with the strangers working out alongside you (although I think I had one laughing at my scissor kicks today).

    I got a bit of Vit D, but it's futile for me trying to study in the sun, I just end up tanning and falling asleep. Slightly counterproductive with exams looming. Hopefully it'll be a nice day tomorrow and I'll schedule in a walk around the park (my housemate walked the dog without me today )

    - A


    DAY TWO 26/3

    Hello! Hi there! How do you do, my fair countrymen?

    I'm actually lying when I say it's day two. I'm on to day 3 now, but I didn't want to miss an entry so here goes...

    This day was tougher than yesterday. Although my hunger levels were constant, and my meals were perfect and to the plan, I felt a little bit less energy - especially towards the end of the day.

    I had a pretty tough shoulders and triceps workout (and am feeling it like hell now!) not to mention my abs and back are aching from the previous days workout. I've been looking at "fitspo" blogs, which really do help to inspire.

    My mood has not been low, but not exactly high either... neutral you would say.

    One of the things I've struggled with badly in the past is not being patient, and not sticking to a routine (i.e. getting fed- up and eating self- destructively in times of stress). For the last three or four years I haven't been able to consistently maintain a pattern of "healthy eating" (not PERFECT eating, but sort of 80/20 I mean. Primal of course.) It's always been in the lead up to exam periods, or in other times of stress that I revert to bad habits. I don't think about my weight, I pretend I don't care (when I do more than ever) and I feed myself toxic foods with no respect for my poor stomach and thighs (not to mention upper arms!) that cop the brunt.

    I found this quote on one of the fitness sites I mentioned: "A year from now you will have wished you'd started today..." SO TRUE! And it scares me. I find myself picturing me a year from now, still feeling mediocre about my body, sort of OK fitness levels, not overweight but flabby, not confident and just MEH.

    Instead, a try to envision me, as I have been in the past, (but not for long periods); fit, toned, fitting into all my clothes properly, feeling really great about myself and having a totally clear and focussed mind. That's what I want forever!

    Anyway I've got a lot of work to do tomorrow (today. i'm confusing myself) so I better get to it!

    Oh and calories and carbs today:

    calories= food: 770, exercise: 140, net: 624

    carbs= 18 (keto zone!)

    - A
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