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Thread: avoid or not to avoid?

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    avoid or not to avoid?

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    This is about coffee & its alternatives. Back before subscribing to PB WOE, I was trying to cut out coffee. I was trying to limit my stress hormone production, so I found a product called teeccino. It's really tasty, but its made from roasted grains. Their ingredients are combinations of the following: carob pods, barley, chicory root, dates, almonds, figs and ramon nuts.

    So do all the things we avoid grains for leaching into the water or is it okay?

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    Im not sure about the product, but I think coffee is fine for those it works well with. In other words, if coffee actually makes you feel good, then I think it's fine. Excess caffeine and toxins can lead to adrenal fatigue, but you can kind of make up for that with improving other factors in life.

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