I say that tongue in cheek, I suppose. A couple of years ago, I was doing great on a Simple Fit routine of pull-ups, push-ups, and air squats. I advanced to the top level quickly, and my strength and fitness were awesome.

I had to stop the pull-ups and push-ups after I developed acute chronic right elbow and joint pain. I was diagnosed with tennis elbow, and given meds (no shots to the elbow) and a pressure device to ease the pain. It still comes and goes, but is persistently painful and annoying. My wonderful chiropractor has been able to help on occasion.

Now, as I type this on an iPhone and when I take a lot of photos with my arm bent, it's very painful to straighten my arm. It's actually more annoying than anything. I have also been diagnosed with bilateral carpal tunnel.

I want to get back to the Simple Fit type program, but I do not want surgery. I avoid orthopedic surgeons like the plague, as I know they cut first here. I'm a chiropractor fan.

Some more info...I do briskly walk 30 minutes to an hour at least 4-5 days per week and I'm 80-20 or better Primal. I have lost almost 17 pounds and nearly 3 pants sizes in a little over 6 weeks.

Suggestions? Anyone else have similar issues?