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Thread: Nagging Elbow Pain. Damn You, Kipping Pull-ups!

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    Nagging Elbow Pain. Damn You, Kipping Pull-ups!

    I say that tongue in cheek, I suppose. A couple of years ago, I was doing great on a Simple Fit routine of pull-ups, push-ups, and air squats. I advanced to the top level quickly, and my strength and fitness were awesome.

    I had to stop the pull-ups and push-ups after I developed acute chronic right elbow and joint pain. I was diagnosed with tennis elbow, and given meds (no shots to the elbow) and a pressure device to ease the pain. It still comes and goes, but is persistently painful and annoying. My wonderful chiropractor has been able to help on occasion.

    Now, as I type this on an iPhone and when I take a lot of photos with my arm bent, it's very painful to straighten my arm. It's actually more annoying than anything. I have also been diagnosed with bilateral carpal tunnel.

    I want to get back to the Simple Fit type program, but I do not want surgery. I avoid orthopedic surgeons like the plague, as I know they cut first here. I'm a chiropractor fan.

    Some more info...I do briskly walk 30 minutes to an hour at least 4-5 days per week and I'm 80-20 or better Primal. I have lost almost 17 pounds and nearly 3 pants sizes in a little over 6 weeks.

    Suggestions? Anyone else have similar issues?

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    The problem may show up in your elbow but the source may be in your shoulder. Has anyone watched you perform any movements, or do you have video? An asymmetry there may be the root cause.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Annlee View Post
    The problem may show up in your elbow but the source may be in your shoulder. Has anyone watched you perform any movements, or do you have video? An asymmetry there may be the root cause.
    Yep. I forgot to mention that my anterior right shoulder hurts at times. It's not as severe as the elbow, but I suspect it begins there. I haven't done a pull-up in months, but I do drop down and do 25-30 push-ups daily. I was up to 100 a couple of years ago.

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    During flare ups an ice massage over the area for 3-5 minutes can help. Freeze a dixie cup of water then tear off the top inch for an instant ice massager. Other than that I'm a chiro fan also... so get aligned and some ultrasound may help speed the healing. Once it has healed you should evaluate how you perform your exercises. Could be something in your form that you need to change. I'm not much a fan of kipping. Perhaps you spent too much time on high rep schemes also.

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    Find a massage therapist that does Muscle Release Technique. You will be amazed at how much lighter your arm feels after an MRT massage. I have chronic tendonitis in my right elbow as well and MRT massages make my arm feel normal. As long as I keep up on my stretching and don't overdo the computer, my arm remains practically normal!

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    Thanks. It sounds like we have the same issue for sure.

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    Kipping pull-ups? Hmm, strange that flopping around on a bar in a jerky motion could cause injury...

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    Kipping pullups? Yeah, pain is the bodys way to tell you to stop doing stupid things like that! Take good care of your joints when young and you will have the possibility to lift when older as well...

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    Quote Originally Posted by firemart View Post
    stop doing kipping pullups

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    Agree, when I get joint pain I back off on what hurts...that kind of wisdom took YEARS LOL. when I played a lot of tennis I developed tennis elbow and sought an acupuncturist. She led me into self-care from a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective, which eventually led me here. I think if you obtain overall body fitness and mobility, not concentrating too much on a particular movement, chance of injury goes way down...sounds obvious, but can be elusive.

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