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Thread: Nagging Elbow Pain. Damn You, Kipping Pull-ups! page 2

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    I'm not sure if y'all saw that I had stopped the movement months ago.

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    kipping pullups=stupid. do things with controlled motion. maybe you were doing too much volume? not enough rest time beteween workout days? maybe your form is bad? what about other influences, like work or other hobbies that put you in uncomfortable or unnatural positions? tendonitis can take months to clear itself up. back in my super heavy lifting days, i developed tendonitis in my shoulders and on 2 occasions, missed 3-4 months in the gym. you can take anti-inflamatories like ibuprofin if you really want to. rest, ice, and some mobility work would probably help as well. but only time will help that go away
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    My advice is to see a Rolfer and possibly a Cranio-Sacral therapist

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    The problem may show up in your elbow but the source may be in your shoulder. Has anyone watched you perform any movements, or do you have video? An asymmetry there may be the root cause.
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