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Thread: Primal and thyroid function vs. vegan diet

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    Primal and thyroid function vs. vegan diet

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    I have been doing extensive research on thyroid function as a result of diet. Primal, specifically using animal proteins, helps to boost thyroid function. I wanted to know if anyone has scientific proof or personal experience with being hypothyroid and boosting it through diet. I will have to take meds, since mine is very very low, but it seems that I can take such a high dose and it doesnt seem to increase my t3/t4 very much.

    Thanks for any input.

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    Boosted mine through a diet of 50% cho /30% fat/%20 pro. Carbs are mostly sugar, fat is saturated, pro is animal products. Keep PUFA to an absolute minimum. Seems to optimal for metabolism and thyroid health.

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