Hi everyone

My aplogies in advance if this has been posted before. I did have a look in the archives but couldnt find anything that quite described where I am at.

I have been following primal since November 2011 So about 15 months or so. My starting weight was 85 kilos and I have shrunk down to 71.8 kilos as of this morning. I was about 72 - 73 kilos when I started exercising last October 2012 (wanted to get my diet right first) and I have been swapping fat for muscle, so my weight has stayed very similar however my centimetres have gone way down. I have dropped two dress sizes and photographs tell the story so its all good.

I went through terrible sugar crashes mood swings you name it when I first started Primal. I suspect I am hypoglycemic...although with perserverence and an iron will I have managed to bring all of that mostly underconrol.

My problem started about a week ago. I have lost probably about half a kilo in the last 10 days to get under 72.

The only thing I have changed is I am not eating as many almonds and dried sultanas and I am doing one more short aerobic workout a week. I am so hungry. I was hungry last night and woke up hungry this morning.

Do you think I need to up my calories somehow.

I am really confused about this....probably because having had a weight problem all my life I have always restricted my food intake.

Do you think my metabolism has inreased and this is why I am hungry ? Or could it be something to do with what I am eating....ie should I be having more protein ?

Thanks for reading my rant