I have been trying to stay on the primal blueprint for the last 5 months. I have been on it more than off, but Iím finally well adjusted enough that I donít think Iím going to fall off of it again. I have been slowly losing fat the entire time and concentrated very much on the jiggle getting smaller than the number on the scale. I started to get worried about how many pounds I was 3 months ago when I got down to around 130lbs, sometimes above, sometimes below. Iím 5í10Ē so I was well underweight then.

I started doing a stronglifts routine, switching out barbell rows for pull ups. I have been gaining weight and still slowly losing fat, and I am starting to see the beginnings of ab definition. I still weigh about 137lbs but I think Iím decently strong. My weights are 240 squat, 260 dead lift, 10 pull-ups, 160 bench press, and 120 shoulder press. I have been going to the gym 3 days a week, I havenít missed a day since I started half way through January, and the only exercises that I have not added at least 5lbs every day since I started have been pull-ups and shoulder press.

I don't understand why my friends that can lift about as much as me weigh at least 20 lbs more than me. Does anyone know what would cause me to weigh so much less? Also, should I be concerned about anything healthwise because of my weight?