Not sure if this is the right forum, apologies if not.

Anyway, as the title states I'm having problems with the motions. I have eliminated all grains from my diet, I don't think I'm dehyrdrated (don't feel thirsty and my urine is very light in colour to clear). I was always a bit prone to constipation before going full paleo/primal but I used to a lot of fruit which I have reduced down to about 3 or 4 80g portions a day. I went mainly primal around xmas and have been full paleo for about three weeks.

I'm eating plenty of free range or organic meat and vegtables, cruciferous mostly, cooking with coconut oil. What else... taking magnesium citrate tablets, probiotics, fish oil and unpasteurised sauerkraut. I've also stopped dairy, also reduced my egg intake dramatically as I was eating a lot of those when I switched to full paleo/primal and they can be associated with constipation.

I understand that movements are generally smaller due to nutrient density on this diet but mine have been about a 1 on the bristol sclae (small and seperate like nuts, hard to pass).

Other information:- I have been on a low dose of PPI for the last eight years which I have stopped since Monday this week. I have been taking beataine hcl and pepsin supplements as well as a more general digestive enzyme and apple cider vinegar.

Also I don't feel particularly bloated or gassy and actually feel quite settled digestivelly most of the time, just can't seem to have a regular motion.

Any thoughts on this please, is it just a case of kepe doing what I'm doing and see if it resolves?

Many thanks for any replies.