Hello again all you fine folks!

Quick question, I am still in the weight loss mode and came across an article a while back that got me thinking...

I generally eat right around my BMR (yes, I know it is just a wild guess) but the article was saying that what you should do trying to lose weight would be to figure out the BMR for the weight that you WANT TO BE then eat to that amount instead.

While that makes some sense on the surface, I have read here and other places that you should never consistently eat below your BMR. Does anyone have any opinions on this?

Don't get me wrong, I am still slowly losing weight eating 1900 - 2400 KCal a day of Primal food (occasionally going up to 2900 KCal) and keeping my Fat around 70% and Protein around 20ish% as seen below, but was really wondering if/when the BMR is relevant.

Once again, if it matters, I am a 47 yo male at 6' and 263lbs. and am shooting to be below 180 lbs and mor muscular.