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Thread: Turning 50 Need to Lose Fat and Keep What Muscle I have-Want to Start BBS

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    Question Turning 50 Need to Lose Fat and Keep What Muscle I have-Want to Start BBS

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    Next month I'll be 50 next month. I need to lose fat as I'm 212 lbs I've spoken to my doctor and he wants me to start exercising more. I used to work out several days a week, but the last couple years I've been working on over coming depression and since starting a depression med my motivation to workout kind of went South and I haven't forced myself.

    I'm ready to get started and I read BBS last year. I also have read the article Mark did with the author so I know one can do body weight exercises. One thing that has stopped me is hard to admit, but I'm kind of afraid work to failure when I'm alone and I haven't found any gyms in the Sacramento, CA area that practice BBS or HITT. At my age I'm not really interested in building great physique I just want to be able to keep wading rivers with a fly rod in hand until the day I die and for that day to take as long as possible to get here.

    I eat mostly Primal/Paleo. I don't have a bunch of space, but for some reason using something more than body weight keeps me more motivating than doing only body weight exercises. I have very limited space and prefer not to join a gym unless I find a trainer who does BBS to help get me started. If I'm going to have to go it alone I rather do so at home. After reading BBS I'm convinced that its the best protocol, but for some reason like I said above I just have what is likely an irrational fear of going to failure without someone there with me.

    Of you all that use the BBS protocol have any advice regarding any of this or possible know a gym in Sacramento that practices BBS.

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    I'm a little older than you and have been amazed at how much strength you can get back at this age. I think this is the perfect time to dive in from my 3 weeks of BBS experience I would say that that is a great way to go.

    If I were you I would join a gym that has decent machines for doing the big 5 exercises. You don't need a BBS pro. You just need to watch videos on YouTube and try it yourself -- starting with low weights. You could have one of the trainers at the gym watch your form, but that is all you need. Sure, it would be nice to have somebody coaching you through, recording reps and times, etc. -- but you can do that yourself.

    Another good option might be to lend your book to a friend and recuite him/her as a workout partner. That would be idea.

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