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View Poll Results: How much butter do you eat in a day (on average)?

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    35 46.67%
  • 2 tablespoons

    23 30.67%
  • 3 tablespoon

    10 13.33%
  • 4 tablespoons

    4 5.33%
  • 5 tablespoons

    1 1.33%
  • 6 tablespoons

    1 1.33%
  • 7 tablespoons

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  • A stick or more

    1 1.33%
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Thread: Butter - How much do you eat in a day?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drumroll View Post
    None, currently.

    I've been having a coconut oil and lard phase for my cooking fats as of late.

    But that's all they are to me anyway. I don't do the bulletproof coffee/tea thing, never have. Don't eat them straight either, even though I'm sure it's yummy.

    I prefer my eggs cooked in coconut oil to butter by FAR. On the other hand though, when it comes to a nice steak, butter takes the win. I'm picky like that.
    I go through phases like that too. Sometimes the lard just appeals, sometimes it's the CO, sometimes the butter. In general I like CO for cooking seafood, butter for my eggs, and lard for meats.

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    2-3 tablespoons in my bulletproof coffee every morning and the maybe a a couple of dabs with my food the rest of the day -- veggie, cooking salmon, sweet potatoes, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paleobird View Post
    I go through phases like that too. Sometimes the lard just appeals, sometimes it's the CO, sometimes the butter. In general I like CO for cooking seafood, butter for my eggs, and lard for meats.
    I think of the three, coconut oil just imparts the most flavor. This makes it a wonderful compliment to the things that soak up more of the flavor from the fats like eggs and the very lean seafoods like shrimp and scallops, etc.

    Butter has a wonderful flavor on its own, but I wouldn't say it is as strong as coconut oil which makes it great for things like steak and other meats where you want the flavor to be primarily the meat you are cooking, with maybe only accents of the butter.

    Lard is somewhere in between. It can be great for meats or eggs, and it's certainly my go-to for cooking leaner cuts of pork such as pork chops for obvious reasons I shouldn't need to explain.

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    I go through about a pound of butter a week.

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    Kerrygold unsalted on my veggies - average 1tbsp or less per day. Cook my eggs in EVOO and eat coconut oil (cold solid) straight dusted with cinnamon and/or unsweetened non-Dutch processed 100% cacao powder. Also add coco oil to my shredded coconut/cacao nibs/half&half mixture which I eat as cereal or dessert depending on how much Truvia I add. I get plenty of dairy fat in my cheese and half&half.

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    Vary's... a lot, I could go several days without using any & then use half a block in one day (local dairy butter so thats probably around 4-6Tablespoons ?)
    Thats cooking for 2 people though.
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    Sometimes I slice it off and eat it like cheese.

    Usually it's on days when I'm not getting enough calories from real food. Work has been particularly stressful lately, and my food prep motivation has been dropping. I'm usually going for quick and easy, and increasing calories with butter or rice with cream.

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    Usually about 2T, used in cooking mostly. Very occasionally, 1T in a cup of coffee if I'm out of cream.

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    Food can only hold so much butter, sadly.

    After calculating we are eating exactly 2.5 tbsp per day of some good French grass-fed stuff. That's one big butter roll per week...but probably some of it gets left in the pan. But let's say minimum 2 tbsp.

    That's just for cooking. Then there's coconut oil, coconut milk, heavy cream consumed in workout shakes and coffee. [thumbs up]
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    I don't use butter or oils, not even for cooking! I get more than enough fat even from the leaner cuts of meat, chicken and fish, so I see no reason to add anything! I can eat a lot more healthy food by dropping the butter and oils. Well, I usually take a tablespoon of cod liver oil, but that should be all at the moment...

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