Recently started long distance walking/hiking, in preparation on for 50k walk later this year and Kilimanjaro next year.

Currently walking around 11-14miles in one go and extending this slowly, but what I really want some advice on is eating, is there anything I should be eating due to the prolonged times, burning an estimated 2000 calories.

The other thing I generally do two meals a day, I handle it far better feeling full and having less but bigger meals, rather than eating regularly like so many people.

I also do shift work and often do unintentional fasting, today only eat when I got back from an 11mile walk, before that it had been best part of 22hrs before eating. Despite felling great and not feeling deprived of energy or light headed or anything, I can't help but think this is bad, is it?

I did have a look around the site/forum, but couldn't see much.