When I started PB I was desperate for good health. I wanted to live a little longer. Skin problems were not a concern, and still are not. However, better skin is a very nice gift from PB.

I have a large age spot on my right cheakbone edge. I've had it for maybe 15 years. Sometimes it grows thicker and then sort of flakes off, but the result is still thicker than before. So, last night I noticed that it had become much thinner and lighter colored. I think it's going away. Two age spots on my lower arms are gone. Also, when I hold my arm out in from of the mirror, I'd swear that there is less droopy skin. That's amazing. I'd long since given up any hope that my loose skin, a result of loosing weight, would tighten up. Surely not at my age. I thought droopy sking and age spots were a normal accompanyment of age.

Apparently not.