Where to start....
I'll try to keep this short since I tend to ramble on a bit. Which necessarily wouldn't be a problem for someone that had any skill in writing... but that's not me. I totally suck at it.
So here goes...

I'm 33 (good lord where has the time gone?), married to my best friend and we just had our first child this past August after trying to get pregnant for 3 very long years.

I have PCOS, hypothyroidism, insulin resistant and who the hell knows what else. I'm fairly certain I have some food sensitivities (eggs, mushrooms, & spicy peppers... basically everything I LOVE )

At my heaviest, I weighed in at 250lbs in 2008. That's on a 5'1" frame. Yikes.
Because of my insulin resistance, I was put on metformin and while it caused some rather unpleasant bathroom issues, it did help me lose weight. And being diagnosed with hypothyroidism and getting put on synthroid helped with actually keeping me awake long enough to do anything.

Fastforward and 2 years ago, my husband and I tried primal living. I was at 213 at this point. We did a strict 30 days. I lost 8lbs and he lost around 12. AWESOME!
With a loose primal lifestyle (mostly just diet for myself)... I managed to get down to 189 at my lowest.
November 2011.... I found out I was pregnant! Naturally!!! I did gain back a little bit of weight before falling pregnant, but holy crap... after 3 years of fertility treatments, 4 chemical pregnancies, and only 2.. yes, TWO natural cycles... I fell pregnant on that 2nd one! WOO!

9 months later, we welcomed out little miracle in to this world. After the swelling went down, I was 193lbs! WOO! Yeah, that's until I started stuffing my face with easy crap foods and giving in to every single sugar craving I had.
Obviously I regret it now since it has resulted in me getting back up to 217lbs (as of today). BLEH!

Anyway, so here I am, again!
We want more children and well, that's just not going to happen if I remain this large, so I need to get myself healthy and lose some weight. Fatness is causing my infertility and that is just not acceptable.

I've joined sparkpeople to mostly keep track of my carb intake. Other than Friday dinners (for now), every other day will be trying to keep carbs under or around 60g a day. I'm eating like I did when I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes pretty much... oh yeah, and I had gestational diabetes
I have also started exercising. Playing the game Just Dance for some fun light cardio, and doing strength stuff every other day.

And yeah, we'll see what happens. Putting in my info in sparkpeople, losing 2lbs a week, I could potentially be at my set goal of 150lbs by November of this year. NICE. I'll aim for that but hope that I get pregnant again around the 170-160 mark