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Thread: just to introduce myself

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    just to introduce myself

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    Hallo folks,

    I jumped into paleo a couple of weeks ago and I am feeling good as yet.

    Before that, I had eaten according to a nutrigenomic approach (and lost 30 kg approximately), so to get paleo I just had to cut off grains and beans.

    I wanted to try paleo, for everything I read about it made sense to me.

    Sometimes I think I might not eat another pizza in my life again, and it feels strange, but I do not really miss it.

    Have a nice week-end!


    tiziano solignani, da  Mac
    Tiziano Solignani

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    Welcome tiziano solignani.
    I am not a bodybuilding/fat loss/strength training "guru" BUT I achieved a lean state with ease after learning the correct way to train and eat and I want to HELP YOU achieve the same.

    Getting fit is also about managing your mindset:

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    Welcome Tsolignani!

    I know what you mean. When I started, I realised that I might never eat bread again. Ever. It felt so strange, because just about everyone eats bread.

    Good luck!

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